Bullseye Nozzle



This revolutionary new nozzle  would become the only adjustable hose nozzle on the market that offered  a solid jet stream and it would deliver 50% more power, use 50% less water, and would have a leakproof guarantee!

A patent soon followed and the SlipSeal Adjust-a-Power Hose Nozzle, as it was called at the time, was born.

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Made in the USA

Since 1969

by which all other nozzles are judged!


In 2008, Bullseye Enterprises purchased the Adjust-a-Power Hose Nozzle from the Slip Seal Company and, we're proud to report, this small brass nozzle is still 100% made in the USA to the same exacting standards and it's still heavily relied upon in industrial and firefighting applications. Today, this remarkable nozzle is called the Bullseye Power Nozzle...

Before long firefighters and industrialists alike began to rely on the Adjust-a-Power Hose Nozzle​ for its power, precision, and minimal water usage, and it soon became a new and essential tool in every tool box and firefighter's pocket!

Our Story

The Bullseye Power Nozzle's history transports us back to the year 1969, when a gentleman by the name of William Teson was serving in the US Coast Guard.

It was after spending many hours at sea, and learning all things related to maritime responsibilities, that Mr. Teson's brilliant idea of designing a hose nozzle using the principle of constriction came to be.

Mr. Teson knew that his nozzle would offer power, precision, and quality unlike any other and he determined that it would be made of only the highest quality brass and stainless steel ball bearings.

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