​​​​​​​Q: I would like to purchase a Bullseye Power Nozzle but I don't know where to find them.

     How do I locate a local supplier?

A: Bullseye Power Nozzles are sold in select retail locations throughout the US and the world. We recommend   checking with your local mom and pop hardware store or industrial supplier as you won't find us in the big box stores. If your local supplier doesn't carry the nozzle, suggest that they do! In the meantime, check the "Where to Buy" page on this website in order to purchase directly from one of our distributors.

Q: I saw a nozzle that looked like yours at a big box store but it had a different name, is it

     the same nozzle?

A: No.
Success of the Bullseye Power Nozzle has led to knock-offs and copies of the Bullseye do exist, but the Bullseye Power Nozzle is the only original, patented, industrial grade nozzle of its kind! Our reliable and proprietary Precision Control Valve (PCV), non-slip gnurling, and guaranteed leakproof seal are just a few of the reasons why firefighters and industry have been relying on the Bullseye Power Nozzle for nearly 50 years and other than our original name, the Slip Seal Adjust-a-Power nozzle, we don't go by any other name and we won't be found in the big box stores. Be sure your nozzle says "*BULLSEYENOZZLE.COM USA 1969*" on the base of the nozzle in order to make sure your nozzle is "the real McCoy"!

Q: I love my nozzle but I've had it so long I think it's time for a new Precision Control Valve. Can I get a replacement?

A: Yes! We stand behind the Bullseye Power Nozzle with a lifetime, leak-proof guarantee! In order to prolong the life of our proprietary Precision Control Valve, we recommend leaving the nozzle in the OPEN/POWER mode when not in use; however, if you would like a replacement valve simply send us an email via our CONTACT US page and be sure to upload a photo of your nozzle. Upon verification that your nozzle is a real Bullseye Power Nozzle, we'll send out a complimentary replacement Precision Control Valve, a couple of spare ball bearings, and easy instructions for how to replace the valve, we simply ask that you cover the cost of shipping and handling. 

Q: I noticed some Bullseye Power Nozzles have green Precision Control Valves and some have blue. Is there a difference?

A: No. We updated our proprietary leakproof Precision Control Valves to a vibrant, new blue color but the material and performance of our blue and green valves are identical. Use them both with confidence!

Q: I would like to be a distributor of the Bullseye Power Nozzle. Who should I contact?

A: The Bullseye Power Nozzle's unique capabilities make it ideal for a wide variety of industries and uses. We sell both carded and bulk nozzles and we're always happy to chat with new distributors. For more information, please email us via our CONTACT US page or call us at 714-996-6995.





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